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  Europe which has a total population of 800 million is made up of 45 language based nation states. South Asia which has a total population of one billion, (1000 million) is comprised of four states. Who is preventing and therefore benefiting by limiting new nation-states in South Asia?

December HR Release


For the third day in a row, very large scale civilian victims in SLA shelling

On 21 and 22 January, the very large scale killing and injuring of civilians from Theravil to Kaiveli in the Mullaithivu District continued unabated. More than twelve civilians were killed and more than 60 civilians were injured on 21 January and the death toll keeps rising for 22 January as this report is being written..

The Mullaithivu District Hospital located in Vallipunam and taking care of the majority of the injured came under extensive shelling attack on 22 January morning. Hospital staff, volunteers and patients were seriously injured. All the patients were hurriedly transferred to the Puthukudiyiruppu hospital on motorbikes and trucks. In the mayhem some patients unable flee were left unattended.

According to Dr Shanmugaraja of Mullaithivu hospital, the hospital had received 63 dead bodies of civilians killed by shelling on January 20, 22 and 22. Well over 200 civilians were injured over the same three days.

23 January 2009

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