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  "Working women changing Society"    "Working women changing Society"
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Computing skill

Computing skills course is conducted with just four desktop computers. On average 20 women enroll in this course at any given time. The women are given access to the computers on a roster basis so that they will gain the hands on experience that is needed. The tutor is available during all of the time women are rostered to use the
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computers. In this course, in addition to teaching Microsoft Office products, photo-editing, desktop publishing, and drawing software are also taught giving the women a full range of skills needed to be an office assistant. Almost all of those in the first batch of students in 2002 course are employed in all the CWDR offices and centers.


The subsequent batches have also found employment as office assistants. More than 300 girls who have dropped out of school due to poverty have received training in computer skills at our institute. A further 80 school girls in Mullaithivu district and another 190 girls and boys from Batticaloa district were also given computer skills training in their own districts.



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Most of those who enroll for the course on computing skill also enroll for this course for obvious reasons. Number of typewriters available for the students is again very limited and roster basis is used to make it available to all the students. Students are also taught typewriter maintenance thus increasing to their employability. More than 250 young

women from extremely poor families have already gained typing, shorthand, and typewriter maintenance skills at our institute. In addition 30 women from similar background from Mullaithivu district have gained this training in their own district through our institute.
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Over and above these two basic courses our institute has provided training in management to 100 female office workers and a further 150 female office workers have received leadership training through our institute.


A success story:

Yalini took this course in 2003 and continued on to also take the home‑based‑employment‑skills course. Yalini is presently a tutor at this same institute on all of the courses that she learned from here. Yalini says in addition to giving her employment as a tutor, the home based skills courses enables her to fulfill most her family’s needs without having to pay someone to sew, fabric paint etc.