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How CWDR is helping displaced women


[CWDR 23 August 2008]



More than 30,000 families have displaced to Kilinochchi due to offensives by the Sri Lankan armed forces. These families are staying in welfare centers, under trees and by the roadside. CWDR wants to play a large role in taking care of the women and children thus displaced.

In the first instance CWDR is focusing on helping the full term pregnant mothers who have to deal with a newborn baby very soon. To help them CWDR is purchasing a baby kit that includes a baby basin, baby mosquito net, bedding, clothing for the mother and other items. On 22 August, it distributed some of them to full term displaced mothers in Murukandy, Murippu and Kandavalai.

CWDR is implementing many other schemes to help the displaced women and children. One project is to regularly provide a nutritional preparation to pregnant mothers, nursing mothers and children under five.

CWDR has also taken under its wings women and children who have been left destitute due to the attacks and displacement.

We will be updating this website with our ongoing work with the displaced women.