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CWDR launches Uddam nutritional program among IDP children
  [CWDR 28 August 2008]
  On 28 August, CWDR began distributing Uddam nutritional supplement to children under five and pregnant mothers among the displaced people in Vanni.(more)
How CWDR is helping displaced women

[CWDR 23 August 2008]

  More than 30,000 families have displaced to Kilinochchi due to offensives by the Sri Lankan armed forces. These families are staying in welfare centers, under trees and by the roadside. CWDR wants to play a large role in taking care of the women and children thus displaced.(more)
Anpumani income generation activities
  [CWDR 1 May 2008]
  One of the income generation activities of the women in Anpumanai is producing lime pickle packets. Women there received training in the mass production and packaging of pickle from experts in this field. (more)
Uyirppu update
  [CWDR 15 May 2008]
On 15th May, forty deserving women beneficiaries in Kanakarajankulam and Mankulam in Vavuniya district were assisted with loans under the Uyirppu  scheme run by CWDR with assistance from the local bank.(more)
Senthalir children gain success at Mullaithivu district  Karate competition
  [CWDR 08 May 2008]

Karate competition for Mullaithivu district was held on  7th and 8th  May 2008.                        Nineteen  children from Senthalir participated and did well  in this competition.(more)


Preschool for Korakkankaddu resettlement


[CWDR 18 April 2008]


CWDR has taken on the job of developing one of the new resettlement schemes in the village of Korakkankaddu. Funding for the project is mainly given by NECCDEP. Part of this project is to develop the roads, dig wells, and build library and preschool..(more)


Hairdressing and makeup course underway for girls


[CWDR – 18 April 2008]


A training course for hairdressing and makeup has begun at our vocational training institute with funding from the SOLIDAR organization.(more)


Uyirppu update


[CWDR – 20 April 2008]


The Uyirpu scheme to encourage income generation for women passed a milestone in March. The number of women who have received loan assistance through the scheme passed the 1000 mark. More than 19 million LKR have so far been loaned. (more)


German CWDR assist Mannar displaced


[CWDR – 20 March 2008]

  Six displaced families from Mannar who have lost their breadwinner and are presently headed by women are being assisted with temporary shelters with funds provided by the German CWDR. (more)

Vithu.COM donates funds for displaced Vetrimanai residents

  [CWDR – 10 March 2008]
  Residents of Vetrimanai center for mentally ill women were forced to displace from their home with better facilities to their old dilapidated place in Akkarayan early this year as a result of aerial bombardments. (more)

A new building for the Uthayatharakai pappadam factory


[CWDR – 11 February 2008]

A brand new building for the pappadam factory operating in Kilinochchi was opened on 11 February.(more)

Korakkankaddu village study


[CWDR – 4 February 2008]

A meeting to estimate the needs of the backward Korakkankaddu village for the year 2008 was undertaken on 2 February 2008 by CWDR with assistance from the North East Coastal Community Development Scheme.(more)
Uyirppu scheme update

[CWDR – 10 February 2008]

  The following loans were given to deserving women under the Uyirppu loan scheme run by CWDR with the assistance of a local bank.(more)

Vetrimanai home for the mentally ill women displaces due to fear of aerial bombing


[CWDR – 23 January 2008]

  The Vetrimanai home for the mentally ill women located in Kilinochchi was forced to displace as a result of persistent aerial bombing which is seriously affecting the already poor mental health of these women.(more)

Women beneficiaries of Maryillam

  [CWDR -23 December 2007]

The story of two long term residents of MAryillam demonstrates the services provided by it. (more)


Niraimathy residents keep occupied


[CWDR -23 December 2007]


Niraimathy residents have been busy developing their garden around their new residence that was opened about a year ago. The garden gives them a pleasant past time and a satisfaction of being productive.(more)


Training in Palmarah leaf products


[CWDR -10 Dec 2007]

The training institute of the CWDR located at Kilinochchi conducted a six months long course in Palmarah leaf weaving to produce many attractive products. Women from the community as well as many women from the welfare centres run by CWDR attended the course. (more)

Several awareness workshops held

  [CWDR - 23 December 2007]

A series of training workshops were held by CWDR over a period of six months in the Kilinochchi and Mullaithivu districts. In total 13 such workshops were held in this period. Each of the workshop was attended by about 40 men and women. (more)


Malarcholai self sufficient in vegetables

  [CWDR - 23 December 2007]
Malarcholai women have developed an extensive horticulture section that provides the vegetable needs of the centre. (more)

Hardship allowances given during 2007

  [CWDR - 23 December 2007]

During 2007 CWDR provided hardship allowances to 65 families in Kilii and Mullai (more)


Malarcholai income generation activities

  [CWDR - 23 December 2007]
Several small scale income generation activities have been launched for the women at Malarcholai.(more)

Women helped by Anpumanai

  [CWDR - 23 December 2007]
Anpumanai provides temporary accommodation for women in dire circumstances. As such two women who have got the assistance of Anpumanai are described here. (more)
Maryillam protects and reunites young women with families

[CWDR - 23 December 2007]

Right throughout the two decades of war, Maryillam has given safe refuge to young women who were separated from their families and were unable to rejoin them due to closure of roads. (more)

New life given to weaving training

[CWDR – 30 November 2007]

The weaving training run by the Assistant Government Agent (AGA) office at Kandavalai in Kilinochchi was given new life by the training institute of the CWDR. (more)

Sewing training completed for women in Iranamanagar

[CWDR -  30 November 2007]


Thirty five women from Iranaimanagar completed a sewing training course that was run by CWDR and funded by OXFAM. This training will enable the women to earn while at home caring for their children.(more)

Senthalir celebrates completion of 12 years
  [CWDR - 26 November 2007]
Senthalir celebrated the completion of 12 years of caring for children on 26 November 2007 at its residence. (more)

Vetrimanai staff and beneficiaries receive first aid training


[CWDT- 19 November 2007]


The staff and beneficiaries of Vetrimanai received full day emergency first aid training on 19 November 2007.(more)


Uyirppu scheme implementation progress


[CWDR – 15,16 Nov 2007]


35 beneficiaries in Kilinochchi and 60 beneficiaries in Mullaithivu district were handed livelihood assistance through the Uyirppu scheme on 16 and 15 November respectively.(more)


Infants day at Senthalir


[CWDR – 20 Oct 2007]


On 20th October 07 Senthalir celebrated the Infants Day. The very young were presented with gifts by senior staff.(more)


Malarcholai gets its new residence


[CWDR – 8 Oct 2007]

  A new residence for the beneficiaries of Malarcholai was opened on 8 October 2007. CWDR funded the building.(more)

CWDR opens Electronic Workshop/Retail-outlet staffed by women

  [CWDR – 10 Oct 2007]
Two years ago the Norwegian ODW scheme gave funds to CWDR through our branch in Norway to provide vocational training to students who dropped out of school due to the causes created by the war.(more)

CWDR launches Uyirpu loan scheme

  [CWDR – 10 Oct 2007]

With loan given by banks CWDR launched the “Uyirpu” small loan scheme to encourage income generation among women who have lost their bread winners in the war, tsunami or by natural causes. (more)

CWDR rewards its saving groups in Mullaithivu district
  [CWDR – 10 Oct 2007]

Saving groups are made up of around 10 women with leadership abilities. They are given loans to develop income generation schemes for their families and also move further to encourage others in their neighborhood to do the same by providing loans to them from their own savings. (more)


Resettled families assisted with nursery plants for their new land
[CWDR – 08 Oct 2007]


Families displaced by war in the villages of Nagendrapura and Korakkankaddu in the Kilinochchi district were assisted with nursery plants for the land they are newly settled in. (more)

Women in Vavuniya north gets income assistance

[CWDR – 10 August 2007]


Income generation assistance was provided to 26 women from villages in Vavuniya north by CWRD on 10th August 2007. The funding assistance for this was provided by FORUT and ICRC. (more)

Awareness workshops held in backward villages
A series of training workshops were held by CWDR from 12 July till 30 July 2007 in the backward villages in Mullaithivu district. About 40 men and women attended this training workshop from several villages. (more)

New residence for Niraimathy opened
  A new home for the members of the Niralimathy illam was opened on 8 March 2007. The funding for the building was contributed by the Switzerland branch of the CWDR. (more)
Prize giving at Senthalir
  On 16 March 2007, a prize giving ceremony was held at the Senthalir Children’s Home marking the 19th anniversary of fasting unto death of Annai Poopathy demanding justice to the Tamils. (more)
Bridge, road and library in Puliyampokkanai opened for public
  CWDR undertook the implementation of a project to build a bridge and a library and renovate the main road in Puliyampokkanai in the Kilinochchi District. (more)
Events to mark International Women’s Day
  On 8 March 2007, to mark the International Women’s Day, CWDR held events in Mullaithivu and Vavuniya districts. (more)