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CWDR is an indigenous non-governmental organization, operating in the Northeast of Sri Lanka. It implements projects to assist women and children desperately needing help. In this website you can learn about our work, the beneficiaries, and our partners who support us. In addition to providing a broad overview of what we do, the News side of this website will be a channel for learning about our ongoing activities.
The area we work in has been devastated by decades of war and a tragic tsunami in December 2004. Our projects are therefore not grandiose but simple and are intended to help the women who are in a very desperate situation. The same styles of projects are implemented over and over again at different locations by a dedicated group of female staff. Our major focus is community based projects to empower women. Our philosophy is to create, through our humanitarian work, social and economic space for women to function freely and independently and give them hope about their future. CWDR has established offices in all the seven districts(see map ) in the North and East of Sri Lanka.
The main modes operandi of CWDR is to setup village level women’s groups to identify women who desperately need the assistance of CWDR and bring it to the notice of the district office through a system of networks that have been put in place. Women thus identified are assisted in an appropriate manner through the various income generation schemes and if necessary give them refuge at one of the six welfare centers run by CWDR. We also run regular workshopsto raise knowledge about, nutrition, hygiene, child care, legal issues and gender issues.
S.Sutharsini (Executive Director)

T.Vithya (Assistant Director)

P.Kamalambal (Project Director)

The six welfare centers run by one single women’s organization, the CWDR, is a unique and ground breaking effort. The six centers encapsulate the different types of women made destitute by various societal factors. The novel concept has proved its value by keeping away women and children as destitutes in the streets, a common site in most parts of the world. You can learn about our six centers and the concept behind them from this website.

Separate from this community level program we also run many vocational training courses to assist women to improve their skill level.
We also operate several small scale factories that is managed and operated by women.
CWDR launches Uddam nutritional program among IDP children
On 28 August, CWDR began distributing Uddam nutritional supplement to children under five and pregnant mothers among the displaced people in Vanni.(more)
How CWDR is helping displaced women
More than 30,000 families have displaced to Kilinochchi due to offensives by the Sri Lankan armed forces. These families are staying in welfare centers, under trees and by the roadside. CWDR wants to play a large role in taking care of the women and children thus displaced.(more)
Senthalir children gain success at Mullaithivu district  Karate competition
Karate competition for Mullaithivu district was held on  7th and 8th  May 2008.                        Nineteen  children from Senthalir participated and did well  in this competition.(more)
Uyirppu update
On 15th May, forty deserving women beneficiaries in Kanakarajankulam and Mankulam in Vavuniya district were assisted with loans under the Uyirppu  scheme run by CWDR with assistance from the local bank.(more)
Anpumani income generation activities
One of the income generation activities of the women in Anpumanai is producing lime pickle packets. Women there received training in the mass production and packaging of pickle from experts in this field. (more)

Preschool for Korakkankaddu resettlement

CWDR has taken on the job of developing one of the new resettlement schemes in the village of Korakkankaddu. Funding for the project is mainly given by NECCDEP. Part of this project is to develop the roads, dig wells, and build library and preschool. (more)

Hairdressing and makeup course underway for girls
A training course for hairdressing and makeup has begun at our vocational training institute with funding from the SOLIDAR organization.(more)