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Bread making in Trincomalee
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Cement block making in Trincomalee
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Coir making
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Pappadam factory in Kilinochchi
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Rice mill in Trincomalee


CWDR has helped to organize the installation of small
(Manager of Pappadam factory in Kiliochchi)
scale manufacturing plants that are managed entirely by women. These factories give employment opportunities to many women. Many of these factories were closed due to large scale displacements forced on the Tamils

In Jaffna we operated a recycled paper making factory during 1992-1994 employing 25 women.

In Jaffna we operated a sweet making factory during 1992-1995 employing 15 women.

In Jaffna we operated a pappadam making factory during 1993-1995 employing 40 women.

In Jaffna we operated two coir rope making factory during 1993-1995 employing 1000 women.

In Batticaloa we operated a rice grinding mill in 2002.

In Batticaloa we ran a brick making outfit. A few women would get together to make the bricks and CWDR will pay them for the number of bricks made and the income will be shared by that group of women. More than 80 women were initially given training in brick making to run this operation.

Both in Batticaloa and Trincomalee we set up a similar outfit for making cement blocks for use in the construction of houses. These were also run like the brick making outfit. More than 60 women were given training in these two districts to run this operation.

Also in Batticaloa we trained 10 women in honey bee keeping and gave them the equipment to start the bee keeping operation.

In Trincomalee we operated a bread making outfit and we trained 20 unemployed women to operate it. It ran successfully but was closed with the massive displacement caused in 2006.

In Kilinochchi we  are operating a Pappadam making factory since 1993-

In Mullaithivu we operated a coir rope making factory from coconut husk during 1996-2003.

In many districts the Uthayatharakai centres are/were operated and some of them make/made clothing for order

A new building for the Uthayatharakai pappadam factory
A brand new building for the pappadam factory operating in Kilinochchi was opened on 11 February.(more)
CWDR opens Electronic Workshop/Retail-outlet staffed by women
Two years ago the Norwegian ODW scheme gave funds to CWDR through our branch in Norway to provide vocational training to students who dropped out of school due to the causes created by the war.(more)