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  "Working women changing Society"   "Working women changing Society"
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Women in Vavuniya north gets income assistance
Income generation assis- -tance was provided to 26 women from villages in Vavuniya north by CWRD on 10th August 2007. The funding assis- -tance for this was provided by FORUT and ICRC.(more)
Awareness workshops held in backward villages
A series of training workshops were held by CWDR from 12 July till 30 July 2007 in the backward villages in Mullaithivu district. About 40 men and women attended this training workshop from several villages. (more)
Prize giving at Senthalir
On 16 March 2007, a prize giving ceremony was held at the Senthalir Children’s Home marking the 19th anniversary of fasting unto death of Annai Poopathy demanding justice to the Tamils.
Prizes were handed out for competitions held earlier for poetry, essay, and Thirukural. The event was presided by the Director of Senthalir, U.Kumuthini.
The children of Senthalir staged many cultural events including Karate.
Karate competition

Prizes were also given to the children who received 1st and 2nd places in the district wise Karate competition.