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Hardship assistance
We have stepped in during times of man made or natural disasters to provide one off hardship assistance to women. Although this is not one of our major focus activities, we are called upon to provide our share of assistance during times of extreme tragedy. Some of the situation where we have done so is described below.
CWDR began this aspect of its work in 1998 to assist the 400,000 people who displaced in a single night from Jaffna into Vanni in late 1995. After CWDR set itself up in Vanni, it began this task because the situation of displaced were extremely serious.
In 2002 we carried out this work in Vavuniya district mainly to improve the nutritional status of children in badly affected areas.

CWDR took up the task of assisting people affected by the December 2004 tsunami all along the coastline of the Northeast of the island. This work included affected people from Mullaithivu, Trincomalee and Batticaloa districts.


Following the August 2006 aerial bombing that killed 54 school girls and injured another 125, we took the task of assisting the injured girls with good nutrition.


We also make a special effort to help children badly affected by poverty. We have undertaken nutrition improvement for 184 children in Mullaithivu district. We have also supplied school stationary to more than 500 school going children. We also supplied non consumable material to girls in a Children Home in Batticaloa that is caring more than 60 children.

We have built model preschool and public toilets as part of one of our projects to assist a very backward village.
Assistance for victims of Senchcholai aerial bombing
Tsunami hardship assistance in 2005
Hardship allowances given during 2007
During 2007 CWDR provided hardship allowances to 65 families in Kilii and Mullai The families that received the hardship allowance were facing hardships due to many causes. (more)