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Vetrimanai – the home for mentally affected women


One of the ill effects of the prolonged brutal war is the psychological damage that is done to the people. Women suffer the most psychologically in a war context. Vetrimanai the very first of the many CWDR project, specifically caters for women who are psychologically affected.

Patients at Vetrimanai, in spite of their ill temper, maintain a congenial atmosphere where laughter is common. The staff is quick to recite stories of bad temper where they have been at the receiving end. The humor, displayed by the staff while reciting such stories, says something about the dedication of the staff to the welfare of the patients.

The women receive regular psychological counseling and many have recovered and returned to society.

While at Vetrimanai, the patients are kept busy with a range of activities that include vegetable growing and handicraft.

Psychological counseling is provided to the patients by the foremost counseling services in Kilinochchi, Annai Illam.

As of April 2007, Vetrimanai has cared for 167 women. Of these women, 124 recovered and rejoined their families. Another three women are gainfully employed and are living elsewhere. Presently Vetrimanai cares for 132 women.

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Success stories:

Selvakumari married at 19 and is the mother of four boys. The marriage began to come apart after the third child. Around this time the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) landed in Jaffna. Selvakumari was raped by IPKF and her husband and his family rejected her and chased her away. She joined Vetrimanai in 1997 and has lived here ever since. She is much better than how she was when she arrived.

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Amuthambikai joined Vetrimanai in 2002 as a mentally confused patient. One of her brothers was tortured and murdered and another brother was disappeared by the Sri Lankan military. She has recovered well and is presently living with her only sister.

Ranjithamanai joined Vetrimanai in 1999 when her husband left her.She was already affected by the death of her mother right in front of her eyes during an aerial bombardment. She has recovered and could well join her family anytime.

Sasikala’s brother was tortured and killed by the military in front of her eyes. Her father committed suicide, unable to bear it. Sasikala suffered a mental breakdown following these tragic events. She is doing well under Vetrimanai’s care.


Vetrimanai home for the mentally ill women displaces due to fear of aerial bombing
The Vetrimanai home for the mentally ill women located in Kilinochchi was forced to displace as a result of persistent aerial bombing which is seriously affecting the already poor mental health of these women.(more)
Vetrimanai staff and beneficiaries receive first aid training
The staff and beneficiaries of Vetrimanai received full day emergency first aid training on 19 November 2007.(more)