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Niraimathy is the home for women with intellectual handicap. Presently twenty women and girls are cared for here. They are here because they have lost contact with their families or their families are far too poor to carry the burden of caring for them.

The women at Niraimathy are encouraged to progress as far as possible towards learning to read and write. In addition they are provided with many leisure activities that also stimulate their brain development.

For a longtime Niraimathy struggled to survive without an adequate building. In 2007, a brand new building was opened with donations collected by CWDR-Switzerland branch.

As of April 2007, Niraimathy has cared for 32 intellectually handicapped women and girls during its existence. Eight beneficiaries have left Niraimathy to join their families after learning to be useful members, who could carry out chores around the house. Two more were able to be gainfully employed and are living elsewhere. Presently Niraimathy cares for 26 intellectually handicapped women. The following stories about the women and girls are typical of those at Niraimathy.


Success stories:

Vathana is still a child. Vathana’s mother is also mentally ill and when her father died, her grandmother was taking care of Vathana. Her grandmother joined Vathana at Senthalir because she was unable to take care of her. Vathana was soon joined at Niraimathy due to her intellectual handicap. She enjoys doing chores around Niraimathy. She is still learning to take care of her daily needs.

Amutha was chased out by her parents who were unable to take care of her. Amutha was taken to a Children’s Home and later she joined Niraimathy due to her intellectual handicap. She has learned to take care of her daily needs. She keenly takes on chores around Niraimathy and completes them.

Pathmavathy was roaming the streets in Mullaithivu after the death of her parents. She was brought to Niraimathy by well wishers. Pathmavathy takes good care of her possessions as well as that of Niraimathy’s.

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Residents during the opening of the new building
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Newly built residence
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Residents in front of their new home
Niraimathy residents keep occupied
Niraimathy residents have been busy developing their garden around their new residence that was opened about a year ago. The garden gives them a pleasant past time and a satisfaction of being productive. .(more)
New residence for Niraimathy opened

A new home for the members of the Niralimathyillam was opened on 8 March 2007. The funding for the building was contributed by the Switzerland branch of the CWDR. (more)