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  "Working women changing Society"   "Working women changing Society"
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In the war torn Tamil society young women face problems living alone in society. Maryillam provides a safe house for young women who have lost contact with their parents. CWDR’s goal is to trace the families of these women and reunite them with their families.

While at Maryillam women are encouraged to develop their education and also gain vocational training. Women also grow many of their own vegetables in the Maryillam compound.

Many have found employment and are able to build up a savings from their earnings, while they make use of the free board provided by CWDR.

CWDR has already helped three of the women to find partners. It hopes to help the other young women at this centre to also find partners.

As of April 2007, Maryillam has given lodging and vocational training to 109 young women. Of these, 86 were able to rejoin their families. Another 11 young women found employment. CWDR helped 5 young women to find life partners and they are all happily married. Presently 19 young women are finding refuge at Maryillam.


Success stories:


Vathana lost her parents. Her brothers married and left home. Vathana and her older sister became separated during one of the many displacements that Tamil people had faced during the decades of war. Vathana was brought to Maryillam. She says she was from a well off family. She remained very reclusive during her early years at Maryillam. However, her abilities were soon recognized and she was employed at Senthalir Children’s Home. She faced another blow in her life when this home was caught in the 2004 tsunami. Presently she continues work at Senthalir and is a very well loved employee there.


Swarna was working as a domestic aid after loosing her parents. CWDR discovered her and joined her at Maryillam. Swarna was a keen learner and attended all the skill training that was on offer at Maryillam. Maryillam found her a life partner in 1997 and the couple have bought a piece of land and they earn a livelihood together by growing vegetables, rearing poultry, rearing milking cows, and developing nursery plants for sale. They have two children who are both attending school.
S.Karunabavany l (Director)
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Women beneficiaries of Maryillam
The story of two long term residents of MAryillam demonstrates the services provided by it. (more)
Maryillam protects and reunites young women with families
Right throughout the two decades of war, Maryillam has given safe refuge to young women who were separated from their families and were unable to rejoin them due to closure of roads. (more)