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Children of Anpumanai mothers


Anpumanai is a safe house for women and their children who need a temporary shelter from family violence and other misfortunes. At Anpumanai they are able to think calmly with expert advice to resolve the issues they face and seek a more permanent solution that is safe for themselves and their children.  Many women gain confidence to deal with domestic violence just by knowing that such a safe house exists if they need it.

At Anpumanai women receive counseling, help to approach the police and also legal advice to resolve the family issues. Women also receive some skill training that could assist them economically by working from home.

Women and children could stay at Anpumanai for a period of up to one month. If they are unable to resolve their issues by then, they will then move on to Malarcholai where they can continue to seek a resolution, but are free to stay there, as long as they feel they need it.

As of April 2007, 153 mothers and 127 of their children found temporary respite from family difficulties at Anpumanai. Mothers do not stay longer than one month at this centre. Some examples below should give some idea of the benefits to women.

Success stories

Pakianithi: Fourty seven years old Pakianithi was suffering domestic violence. She and her husband have four children, all but the last one in their teens. After one particularly bad incident she came to Anpumanai with her youngest child. The couple was given extensive counseling. Her husband alleged that Pakianithi abuses him verbally. The couple agreed to live together after understanding the problems they were creating for each other. Anpumanai is monitoring the family on a regular basis.

Manoranjini: As a young girl Manoranjini was sent by her mother to a friend’s house to help them make preparations for a festive event. Manoranjini was asked to stay on to complete the chores. Manoranini stayed there for a few weeks. While she was living there, the man of the house raped her. When Manoranjini told this to his wife, she beat up Manoranjini and chased her away. Manoranjini came home and told her mother what happened. Unable to believe her story, her mother also beat her. Later her mother took her to the doctor for some other ailment and the doctor informed them that Manoranjini is pregnant. The mother did not want to be responsible for her pregnant daughter and thus Manoranjini came to Anpumanai. She now has a baby. The man, who raped her, refuses to accept that he is the father of the baby. CWDR took a case in the courts and the courts ruled that he is the father and that he must pay compensation. He has appealed the ruling and the case is pending.

Cicilia: Twenty four years old Cicilia was pregnant when she came from Jaffna to Kilinochchi with her three year old son on some errand . Jafnna and Kilnochchi are just an hour drive apart. Unfortunately following clashes between Sri Lankan military and the LTTE, the Sri Lankan military closed the only land route leading to Jaffna. Pregnanat Cecilia was stranded with her pre-school son. Anpumanai comes to the rescue. The closure of the route continues to date and in the meantime Cecilia gave birth to a baby boy. Due to their present physical condition they unable to take the arduous journey to Jaffna by ship. Cecilia is in telephone contact with her husband.

Luxmi: Thirty years old Luxmi’s husband started to live with another woman soon after Luxmi gave birth to her first baby. Her relatives reunited Luxmi’s with her husband after a lapse of four years. They had four children, but the attempt to live together did not bring happiness to Luxmi. Her husband and even his mother started to beat Luxmi. She was also subjected many other abuse such as withholding money for the expenses of the children. During this time one of their children died. Often Luxmi and her children would go without food. Unable to bear it, Luxmi left with her four children and came to Anpumanai. Her children suffered from various illnesses including skin disease. They were all given proper medical attention. Once the children regained their health, the three older children were joined at Senthalir and started to attend school. Luxmi was given employment at Anpumanai itself.

Anpumani income generation activities
One of the income generation activities of the women in Anpumanai is producing lime pickle packets. Women there received training in the mass production and packaging of pickle from experts in this field. (more)
Women helped by Anpumanai

Anpumanai provides temporary accommodation for women in dire circumstances. As such two women who have got the assistance of Anpumanai are described here. (more)